Monday, 21 August 2017


Jon Kortajarena fronts Tom Ford's Noir Anthracite fragrance campaign.

Discover the duality of the Noir man. Featuring Jon Kortajarena and Yasmin Wijnaldum.

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite Fragrance


Oh for fook sake! model agencies you need to fire your scouts ...... when was the last time a Naomi or Kate or David Gandy was scouted? instead we have these celebrity kids walking shows and covering magazines and actually think they are in the rank of supermodels ....the 90s was bad but those chicks did it for a laugh and I knew half of them but now these millennials  actually think their shit don't stink ...... this is a low blow now Lisa big lips Rinna her daughters are now been named as supermodels ....... I'm looking for a new career..... I will still blog but Jesus everyone is a supermodel, everyone is a stylist ..... what about that talent from the projects that use to be scouted?

When these people land in Jamaica they land at the Norman Manley Airport in Jamaica this is my family and I have never used the name ...... I just feel sorry for the talent from the projects ... the streets where a lot of designers get inspiration..... those tall white/black girls such as Naomi and Karlie ....

Nowadays these people don't stand a chance!!! that's right Delilah shoot the campaign off your parents name and fly back to Bel Air and appear on the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills with your Mum/MOM

so sad that Chanel, Givenchy and Ysl made these brands famous and now they are being watered down with creative directors who are insecure about their designs which they stole from other designers ie Balmain or from archives .....

I've been a working model for years and named as a supermodel yes believe it or nor but my face did not fit .... but hey karma is a bitch ........ let's leave it at that !!!!

Neels Visser and Delilah Belle Hamlin rock denim styles for Pepe Jeans' fall-winter 2017 campaign.Pepe Jeans enlists Neels Visser and Delilah Belle Hamlin as the stars of its fall-winter 2017 campaign.Rory Van Millingen photographs Delilah Belle Hamlin and Neels Visser for Pepe Jeans' fall-winter 2017 campaign.



David Beckham Returns for Kent & Curwen Fall ’17 Campaign

David Beckham stars in Kent & Curwen's fall-winter 2017 campaign.Going preppy, David Beckham wears a striped blazer for Kent & Curwen's fall-winter 2017 campaign.Wearing a leather detailed jacket, David Beckham stars in Kent & Curwen's fall-winter 2017 campaign.Appearing in a black and white image, David Beckham fronts Kent & Curwen's fall-winter 2017 campaign.

Kendall Jenner covers W Korea September 2017

Joy Staz | Spring Summer 2018

Giada | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Anja Gockel | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Bella Hadid covers Vogue Spain September 2017

Ewa Herzog | Spring Summer 2018

Ioana Ciolacu | Spring Summer 2018

Portuguese Shoes | Spring Summer 2018

The Kardashian/Jenner Family cover The Hollywood Reporter

10 years of this mob and whatever you think of them they took a bad blow job and ran with it and brainwashed a generation who now worship them ...... dear god make it stop!!!

Below is that sex tape which Kim's mother shame on you ran with ..... what would you have done if it was your daughter? im old school so I would of whipped her ass but in today's world I'm thinking most people would have ran with it ... it worked out for this mob because they were already socialites ..... apparently I am also but something is telling me as a black family with real bootay it would not have worked out!

just keeping it real!

María Elena Villamil | Spring Summer 2018

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Zayn Malik covers VMAN Fall Winter 2017

The R N B singer gets the cover ..... I thought I would get that bit in as that is what he is described as ... have you heard his music? RnB? whatever .... I'll leave it there otherwise it will be a long blog and I only wanted to show the groupies the cover .......

Shawn Mendes covers GQ Italia September 2017

Bella Hadid & Jordan Barrett cover Vogue Australia September 2017

I'm know I'm out the game and it's all about the fashion for me ..... I don't care who's wearing it ..... Influencers blah blah whatever!!!

I only know Bella because I love the real housewives ..... but here we go .... who's Jordan? am I out of the game?

I don't think so ..... I concentrate on the clothing not the latest Instagram celebrity!!!

Shame that's not the same all around ... I've been in the game for years which alot of people especially those who try to take me down forget ..... it's not about who's wearing it ...... It's about ehat they are wearing and trends which we no  longer have! ....... It's a big shame that designers and creative directors have forgotten this and more interested about getting famous and having celeb friends because your collections are basically shit!

Think back years ago ... I mean the new breed are good at stealing from archives..... but really think back ... the designers who you have taken over from were really famous .... ie coco channel, yves saint laurent, etc, etc, etc, because of their collections ...

Millennials really make me laugh and think you are screwing the fashion industry ... London your already fucked!!! but please don't mess with Milan and Paris ... which I know you will..... Olivier Rousteig I was so behind you and then you made me wait in Paris for two hours because you delayed your show as Kim K was running late ....

I'm so losing respect for brands as they are so losing respect for themselves !!!!

Molly Goddard | Resort 2018

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bella Hadid covers Vogue Arabia September 2017

365, Prada Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

Prada does not represent a universe, but a multiverse - of parallels, others, alternatives. The depth of creativity defies simple categorisation. Prada exists on multiple plains, with multiple interpretations.

365 reflects this diversity and thematic richness - it is fashion advertising as metaverse, each campaign presenting a microcosm of Prada. Each is honest, each is true, each is real.

For the latest evolution of the 365 campaign, six new Prada realities - Pièce de Chambre, Affiches, Chiaroscuro, Mise-en-Scène, Viewfinder and Denouement - are unveiled, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, his viewpoint a thread drawing all the realities together, alongside the distinct seasonal identity of Prada.

Photography and film by Willy Vanderperre
Pièce de chambre models: Amanda Murphy, Mia Brammer
Affiches models: Kris Grikaite, Manuela Sanchez
Chiaroscuro models: Freja Beha Erichsen, Sija Jure
Mise-en- Scène: Clément Chabernaud, Thibaud Charon, Kaissan Ibrahima
Viewfinder: Joaquim Arnell, Freja Beha Erichsen, Kris Grikaite, Sija Jure
Denouement: Imari Karanja, Amanda Murphy, Kerkko Sariola, Chu Wong

365 film featuring Joaquim Arnell, Clément Chabernaud, Thibaud Charon, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sija Jure, Imari Karanja, Kris Grikaite, Kaissan Ibrahima, Amanda Murphy, Kerkko Sariola.

Music by Essaie Pas, Mica Levi & Oliver Coates.